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March 7
Professor John Warner, Clemson University
"The Military Recruiting Slowdown of the 1990's"
March 14
Professor John Abowd, Cornell University
"Wage and Job Mobility: An Analysis of the Dynamics of Employment Durations and Wages Using Matched Employer-Employee Data"
March 21
March 28
Professor Phillip Levine, Wellesley College
"Abortion Policy and the Economics of Fertility: Theory and Evidence from Europe" (with Douglas Staiger)
joint with Office of Population Research
April 4
Professor Frederic M. Scherer, Harvard University and Princeton University
"Free Markets and Entrepreneurship in Music Composition, 1650-1900"
April 11
Professor Robert LaLonde, University of Chicago
"Returns to Community College Schooling for Displaced Workers"
April 18
Professor Laurence Baker, Stanford University
"Managed Care, Technology Adoption, and Health Care Outcomes: The Case of Neonatal Intensive Care"
joint with the Center for Health and Wellbeing
300 Wallace Hall
April 25
Professor Susan Dynarski, Harvard University, Kennedy School of Government
"Does Aid Matter? Estimating the Effect of Student Aid on College Attendance and Completion"
May 2
Professor Jonathan Guryan, The University of Chicago
"Does Money Matter? Regression-Discontinuity Estimates from Education Finance Reform in Massachusetts"
May 9
Professor Andrea Ichino, European University Institute
"Are Judges Biased by Labor Market Conditions? The Selection of Firing Litigations for Trial in an Italian Firm"
(with Michele Polo, Bocconi University and Enrico Rettore, State University, Padova)
May 16
Professor Michael Ransom, Princeton University and Brigham Young University
"Supplemental Retirement Annuities and Retirement Survey of College Professors"
May 23
Professor Jeffrey Smith, University of Western Ontario
"Does Matching Overcome LaLonde's Critique of Nonexperimental Methods?"



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