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February 5
February 12
Professor Wilbert van der Klaauw, C.V. Starr Center For Applied Economics, New York University
"A Regression-Discontinuity Evaluation of the Effect of Financial Aid Offers on College Enrollment"
February 19
Professor Victor Lavy, Hebrew University, Jerusalem
"Using Maimonides' Rule to Estimate the Effect of Class Size on Children's Academic Achievement"
February 26
Professor Rachel Friedberg, Brown University
"The Impact of Mass Migration on the Israeli Labor Market"
March 5
Professor Jonathan Gruber, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
(with Paul Gertler)
(joint with Research Program in Development Studies)
"Health Status and Consumption: Evidence and Implications for User Fee Policy"
March 12
Lisa Barrow, Princeton University (with Cecilia Rouse)
"Are Public Schools Inefficient?"
March 19
March 26
Professor Kevin Hallock, University of Illinois
"Layoffs, Top Executive Pay, and Firm Performance"
April 2
Professor Gerald Oettinger, University of Texas and Princeton University
"An Empirical Analysis of the Labor Supply Behavior of Stadium Vendors: Participation Decisions, Effort Choice, and the Simultaneous Determination of Wages and Labor Supply"
April 9
April 16
Professor Joshua Angrist, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
"Children and Their Parents' Labor Supply: Evidence From Exogenous Variation in Family Size" (joint with William Evans, University of Maryland)
April 23
Professor Daron Acemoglu, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
"Good Jobs versus Bad Jobs: Theory and Some Evidence"
April 30
Dr. Larry Mishel, Economic Policy Institute
"Has Technology Had Any Effect on the Growth of Wage Inequality in the 1980's and 1990's?" (joint with Jared Bernstein and John Schmidt)
May 7
Professor Robert Moffitt, Johns Hopkins University
"An Analysis of Sample Attrition in Panel Data: The Michigan Panel Study of Income Dynamics"
(joint with O.P.R.)
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May 14



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