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200 Fisher Hall, 4:15 - 6:00pm

September 21 Nathan Wozny, Princeton University
  "Gasoline Prices and the Fuel Economy Premium Puzzle"
September 30* Ling Ling Ang, Princeton University
  "The Effect of Fertility Incentives on Labor Supply"
  1. "The Effects of the Generosity of Parental Leave Benefits on Labor Supply and Fertility: Evidence from a Canadian Natural Experiment"
  2. "The Effect of Cash-Transfer Fertility Incentives on Labor Supply"
October 5 Ashley Miller, Princeton University
  "What Happens When Schools Get New Principals?"
October 12 Francisco Perez-Arce, Princeton University
  "Is A Dream Deferred a Dream Denied? College Enrollment and Labor Market Search"
October 19 Eleanor Choi, Princeton University

"Assessing a Structural Model of Labor Supply and Welfare Participation: Evidence from State Welfare Reform Experiments"

October 26 Marta Lachowska, Princeton University
  "Consumption and Information: An Exploration of Theories of Consumer Behavior using Daily Data"
November 2 MidTerm Recess
November 12 Department Wide Seminar - David Lee, Director of Industrial Relations
4:15 pm "Regression Discontinuity Designs in Economics" 
November 17** Jean-Marc Robin, Université de Paris 1
  "Labour Market Dynamics with Sequential Auctions and Heterogeneous Workers (On the Dynamics of Wage Distributions and the Unemployment Volatility Puzzle)"
  (joint with Econometrics)
November 23 Alan Blinder, Princeton University
  "Alternative Measures of Offshorability: A Survey Approach"
  (with Alan Krueger, US Department of the Treasury and Princeton University)
November 30 Patricia Cortes, University of Chicago, GSB
  “Outsourcing Household Production: Demand for Foreign Domestic Workers and Native Labor Supply in Hong Kong”
  (with Jessica Y. Pan)
December 7 Fernando Ferreira, University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School
  "Does Gender Matter for Political Leadership? The Case of U.S. Mayors"
December 14 Michael Elsby, University of Michigan
  "Stepping Off the Wage Escalator: The Effects of Wage Growth on Equilibrium Employment"
  (with Matthew D. Shapiro)
* Please note Wednesday time slot.
** Econometric time slot on Tuesday.



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