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September 19 Climent Quintana-Domeque, Princeton University
  "Mismatching in Job Monotony: Accounting for the Bias in Compensating Wage Differentials Estimates"
September 26 Elaine Liu, Princeton University
  "Understanding Technology Adoption Decision from the Prospect Theory Perspective" Tables
October 3 Courtney Stoddard, Princeton University
  "Do Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures? Online Dating and Marriage Search"
October 10 Elizabeth "Ty" Wilde, Princeton University
  "Do Response Times Matter? The Impact of EMS Response Times on Health Outcomes"
October 17 Molly Fifer, Princeton University
  "On the Selectivity of Immigrants: Determinants of Immigrants' Characteristics"
October 24 DEPARTMENT WIDE SEMINAR - Mark Watson, Princeton University
  "Some Empirical Applications of Large N & T Factor Models"
October 3 1 FALL RECESS
November 7 Kevin Hallock, Cornell University
  "The Geography of Giving: The Effect of Corporate Headquarters on Local Charities"
November 14 Emmanuel Saez, University of California, Berkeley
  "Uncovering the American Dream: Inequality and Mobility in Social Security Earnings Data since 1937"
November 28 Julie Cullen, University of California, San Diego
  "An Empirical Analysis of the Principal Labor Market"
  (joint with Michael Mazzeo, Northwester University)
  (joint with Education Research Section)
December 5 Mark Long, University of Washington
  "HIV and Fertility in Africa: First Evidence from Population Based Surveys"
December 12 David Autor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  "Inequality and Specialization: The Growth of Low Skill Service Jobs in the United States"









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