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Graduate Labor Lunch Series
September 22 Dr. Lawrence Mishel, Economic Policy Institute
  "Teacher Pay, How Does It Compare?"
  (joint with Education Research Section)
September 29 Thomas Lemeiux, University of British Columbia
  "Increasing Residual Wage Inequality: Composition Effects Noisy Data, or Rising Demand for Skill?"
October 1* John Pencavel, Stanford University
  "The Impact of Wives' Market Employment on Family Earnings Inequality"
October 6** David Card, University ofCalifornia, Berkeley

"The Impact of Nearly Universal Coverage on Health Care Utilization and Health: Evidence from Medicare"

  (with Carlos Dobkin and Nicole Maestas)
  (joint with Center for Health & Well-being)
October 6 Kenneth Fortson, PrincetonUniversity

"Workers' Compensation as an Alternative to the Tort System: Are Injured Workers Better Off?"

October 13 DEPARTMENT WIDE SEMINAR - Dilip Abreu, Princeton University
October 20 Pei Zhu, PrincetonUniversity
  "Risky Business? A Reexamination of the Private Sector Profitability and Productivity Premiums in China"
November 3 Rafael Lalive, University of Zurich
  "Social Interactions and Schooling Decisions"
  (joint with Education Research Section)
November 10 Olivier Deschenes, University of California, Santa Barbara

"The Economic Impacts of Climate Change: Evidence from Agricultural Output Random Fluctuations in Weather"

  (with Michael Greenstone, MIT)
November 17 Kevin J. Murphy, Unversity of Southern California
  "Managerial Capital and the Market for CEOs"
November 24 Guy Laroque, INSEE-CREST
  "Income Maintenance and Labor Force Participation"
December 1 George Baker, HarvardUniversity
  "Wage Policies and Incentives to Invest in Firm Specific Human Capital"
December 8 Gerald Oettinger, University of Texas at Austin
  "Parents' Financial Support, Students' Time Use , and Academic Performance in College"
December 13*** Jesse Rothstein, Princeton University
  "Does Competition Among Public Schools Benefit Students and Taxpayers? A Comment on Hoxby (2000)"






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