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September 25
David Linsenmeier, Princeton University
"Do Retiree Health Benefits Cause Early Retirement?"
(joint with Center for Health and Wellbeing)
October 2
Erica Field, Princeton University
"Entitled to Work: Urban Property Rights and Labor Supply in Peru"
October 9
Melissa Clark, Princeton University
"Education Reform, Redistribution, and Student Achievement: Evidence from the Kentucky Education Reform Act"
October 16
October 23
Professor Solomon Polachek, State University of New York at Binghamton and Princeton University
"Dyadic International Relations Dispute with potential Applications to Labor Relations"
October 30
No Seminar, Midterm Break
November 6
Professor Victor Lavy, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
"Paying for Performance: The Effect of Teacher' Financial Incentives on Students' Scholastic Outcomes"
(joint with Education Research Section)
November 13
Professor Marianne Bertrand, The University of Chicago
"Are Emily and Brendan More Employable Than Lakisha and Jamal? A Field Experiment on Labor Market Discrimination"
November 20
Alexandre Mas, Princeton University
""Labor Unrest, Fairness and the Quality of Production: Evidence from the Construction Equipment Resale Market""
November 27
Claude Berrebi, Princeton University
"More Evidence about the Causal Connection of Education, Poverty and Terrorism"
December 4
Edward Vytlacil, Stanford University
"Changes in the Distribution of AFQT Scores, 1980 to 1997"
(joint with Econometric Research Program)
December 11
Professor Joshua Angrist, Massachusetts Insitute of Technology
"How Important Are Classroom Peer Effects? Evidence From Boston's Metro Program"






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