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September 19
Professor Patricia Anderson, Dartmouth College
"Maternal Employment and Overweight Children"
(with Phillip Levine, Wellesley College and Kristin Butcher, MacArthur Foundation)
September 26
Mark Votruba, Princeton University
"Efficiency-Equity Tradeoffs in the Allocation of Cadaveric Kidneys"
October 3
Professor Steven Levitt, University of Chicago
"Teacher Cheating"
October 10
Professor Douglas Staiger, Dartmouth College
"Improving School Accountability Measures"
(with Thomas Kane, University of California, Los Angeles)
October 17
Diane Whitmore, Princeton University
"The True Value of Food Stamps"
October 24
Professor Derek Neal, University of Wisconsin
"Is the Measured Black-White Wage Gap Among Women Too Small?"
October 31
No Seminar, Midterm Break
November 7
Professor Thomas Lemieux, University of British Columbia
"Labour Market Reforms and Changes in Wage Inequality in the UK and US"
(with Amanda Gosling, University of Essex and IFS)
November 14
Professor Esther Duflo, Princeton University and MIT
"How Much Should We Trust Difference-in-Differences Estimates?"
(with Marianne Bertrand, University of Chicago and Sendhil Mullainathan, MIT)
(Joint with Econometrics)
November 21
No Seminar, Thanksgiving
November 28
Professor David Autor, Princeton University and MIT
"The Rise in Disability Rolls and the Decline in Unemployment"
(with Mark G. Duggan, University of Chicago and NBER)
December 12
Professor Gerald Oettinger, University of Texas at Austin
"Effort, Risk-Taking, and Participation in Tournaments: Evidence from Professional Golf"
(with Stephen G. Bronars, University of Texas)






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