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September 22
Professor Anne Case, Princeton University (with Moto Hiro Yogo)
"Does School Quality Matter? Returns to Education and the Characteristics of Schools in South Africa"
12:15 pm 200 Fischer
(joint with Research Program in Development Studies)
September 29
Luoijia Hu, Princeton University
"Who Gets Good Jobs? The Hiring Decisions and Compensation Structures of Large Firms"
October 12
Lashawn Richburg-Hayes, Princeton University
"Do the Poor Pay More? Price Dispersion vs Price Discrimination in Food Retailing"
4:30 pm
October 13
Stephen Wu, Princeton University
"The Effects of Health Events on the Economic Status of Married Couples"
October 20
Professor Esther Duflo, MIT
"Child Health and Household Resources in South Africa: Evidence from the Old Age Pension Program"
(joint with Research Program in Development Studies)
October 27
Professor Dora Luisa Costa, MIT and Russell Sage Foundation
"Power Couples: Changes in the Locational Choice of the College Educated, 1940-1990"
November 3
No Seminar, Midterm Break
November 10
Professor Gary Solon, University of Michigan
"Correlations Between Brothers and Neighboring Boys in Their Adult Earnings: The Importance of Being Urban"
November 17
Professor George Johnson, University of Michigan
"The Relative Earnings of Men and Women in Academia"
November 24
No Seminar, Thanksgiving
December 1
Professor Jan Svejnar, University of Michigan
"Employment and Wage Behavior of Enterprises under Communism and in Transition: Evidence from Central Europe and Russia"
(with Swati Basu and Saul Estrin)
December 3
Professor Guy Laroque, INSEE
"Breaking Down Married Female Non-Employment in France"
(with Bernard Salanie)
IRS Special Seminar
2:30 pm 200 Fisher Hall
December 8
Professor David Jaeger, Hunter College and Princeton University
"Local Labor Markets, Admission Categories, and Immigrant Location Choice"
December 15
Professor Nada Eissa, University of California - Berkeley
"Good News for Low-Income Families? Tax-Transfer Schemes and Marriage"
(joint with Microeconomic Policy Workshop)






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