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September 23
Professor Zvi Eckstein, Tel Aviv University
(with Professor Kenneth I. Wolpin, University of Pennsylvania)
"Youth Employment and Academic Performance in High School"
September 30
Professor Kenneth Chay, Princeton University and UC-Berkeley
(with Michael Greenstone, University of California-Berkeley)
"Does Air Quality Matter? Evidence From the Housing Market"
October 8
David Lee, Princeton University
"Changes in Residual Wage Inequality: A Structural Index Approach"
Tuesday 13
Karen Conneely, Princeton University
(with Roope Uusitalo, University of Helsinki)
"Estimating Heterogeneous Treatment Effects in the Becker Schooling Model"
October 21
Professor Morris Kleiner, University of Minnesota
(with Professor Robert Kudrle, University of Minnesota)
"Does Regulation Affect Economic Outcomes? The Case of Dentistry"
October 28
Professor Barry Hirsch, Florida State University
"Postal Service Compensation and the Comparability Standard"
November 4
November 11
Professor Samuel Bowles, University of Massachusetts
(with Herb Gintis)
"The Determinants of Earnings: Skills, Preferences, and Schooling"
(Joint with Research Program in Development Studies)
November 18
Professor Paul Oyer, Northwestern University
"Litigation Costs and Returns to Experience: It's Not Easy Being Green"
November 25
Professor Bruce Western, Princeton University
"Incarceration and Racial Inequality in Employment," (with Elizabeth Pettit)
December 2
Professor Christopher Taber, Northwestern University
"Borrowing Constraints and the Returns to Schooling"
December 9
Professor Larry Singell, University of Oregon
"A Hedonic Analysis of Actual and Required Qualifications: The Wage, Training, and Promotion Tradeoffs of Overeducated and Undereducated Workers"
December 16
Professor Peter Gottschalk, Boston College
(with Robert Moffitt, Johns Hopkins University)
"Changes in Job and Earnings Instability"






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