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September 17
Helen Levy, Princeton University
"Who Pays for Health Insurance? Employee Contributions to Health Insurance Premiums"
September 24
Michael Greenstone, Princeton University
"The Marginal Effects of Clean Air Regulations: Jobs Versus Air Pollution"
October 1
Gordon Dahl, Princeton University
"Mobility and the Return to Education: Testing a Roy Model with Multiple Markets"
October 8
Andrew Oswald, University of Warwick
"A Conjecture On The Explanation For High Unemployment In The Industrialized Nations: Part I"
October 15
Lisa Barrow, Princeton University
"School Choice Through Relocation: Evidence from the Washington, DC Area"
October 22
Andrew Leventis, Princeton University
"Cardiac Surgeons Under Scrutiny: A Testable Patient-Selection Model"
October 29
November 5
Professor David Figlio, University of Oregon
(joint with Research Program in Development Studies) "The Local Government Response to Tax Limitation Measures: Representation or Manipulation?"
November 12
Professor Arie Kapten, Tillburg University
"The Myth of Worksharing"
November 19
Professor Chinhui Juhn, University of Houston
"Labor Market Dropouts, Selection Bias, and Trends in Black and White Male Wages"
November 26
December 3
Professor Joseph Altonji, Northwestern University
"Employer Learning and Statistical Discrimination" (with Charles Pierret, Bureau of Labor Statistics)
December 10
Professor Alan Krueger, Princeton Universsity
"Re-Examining the Effect of the New Jersey Minimum Wage Increase on Employment" (with Professor David Card, UC-Berkeley)






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