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September 18
Professor Boyan Jovanovic, New York University
"Stepping Stone Mobility"
September 25
Gordon Dahl, Princeton University
(joint with Econometric Research Seminar)
"Mobility and the Return to Education: Testing the Roy Model with Multiple Markets"
October 2
Professor Cecilia Rouse, Princeton University
"Orchestrating Impartiality: The Effect of Blind Auditions on the Sex Composition of Orchestras"
October 9
Professor Dwayne Benjamin, Princeton University and University of Toronto (with Michael Baker, University of Toronto)
"How Do Retirement Tests Affect the Labour Supply Behavior of Older Men?"
October 16
Professor Kristin Butcher, Boston College (with John DiNardo, University of California, Irvine)
"The Immigrant and Native Born Wage Distributions: Evidence from United States Censuses"
October 23
October 30
November 6
Professor Janet Currie, National Bureau of Economic Research
"The Technology of Birth: Insurance Coverage, Medical Interventions and Infant Health"
November 13
Professor Reuben Gronau, Princeton University and Hebrew University of Jerusalem
"Job Turnover in Israeli Manufacturing"
November 20
Professor David Bloom, Harvard University, Harvard Institute of International Development
"Population Change and Human Resource Development in Emerging Asia"
(joint with Research Program in Development Studies and O.P.R.)
101 Notestein Hall
21 Prospect Avenue
November 27
Professor Cecilia Rouse, Princeton University
"School Choice: Evidence From Milwaukee"
December 4
Economics Department Job Talk
Professor Steven D. Levitt, Harvard Society of Fellows
"Measuring Postitive Externalities from Unobservable Victim Precaution: An Empirical Analysis of Lojack"
December 11
Professor Joseph Hotz, The Irving B. Harris School of Public Policy Studies, University of Chicago
"Assessing the Effects of Teenage Childbearing on Maternal Outcomes in the United States: Exploiting a Very Natural Experiment" (with Seth Sanders and Susan McElroy)
(joint with O.P.R.)
101 Notestein Hall
21 Prospect Ave






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