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Number Author Title Date PDF
565  Krueger, Alan B. and Ilyana Kuziemko  "The Demand for Health Insurance among Uninsured Americans: Results of a Survey Experiment and Implications for Policy"  April 2011  View PDF
563  Dale, Stacy and Alan B. Krueger  "Estimating the Return to College Selectivity over the Career Using Administrative Earning Data"  February 2011  View PDF
562  Krueger, Alan B. and Andreas Mueller  "Job Search and Job Finding in a Period of Mass Unemployment: Evidence from High-Frequency Longitudinal Data"  January 2011  View PDF
549  Kleiner, Morris M. and Alan B. Krueger  "Analyzing the Extent and Influence of Occupational Licensing on the Labor Market"  May 2009  View PDF
533  Krueger, Alan B.  "What Makes a Homegrown Terrorist? Human Capital and Participation in Domestic Islamic Terrorist Groups in the U.S.A."  September 2008  View PDF
532  Krueger, Alan B. and Andreas Mueller  "Job Search and Unemployment Insurance: New Evidence from Time Use Data"  August 2008  View PDF
531  Kleiner, Morris M. and Alan B. Krueger  "The Prevalence and Effects of Occupational Licensing"  August 2008  View PDF
524  Krueger, Alan B. and Andreas Mueller  "The Lot of the Unemployed: A Time Use Perspective"  May 2008  View PDF
523  Krueger, Alan B.; Daniel Kahneman; David Schkade; Norbert Schwarz, Arthur A. Stone  "National Time Accounting: The Currency of Life"  April 2008  View PDF
517  Krueger, Alan B. and David A. Schkade  Sorting in the Labor Market: Do Gregarious Workers Flock to Interactive Jobs?  February 2007  View PDF
516  Krueger Alan B. and David A. Schkade   The Reliability of Subjective Well-Being Measures  January 2007  View PDF
499  Connolly, Marie and Alan B. Krueger  Rockonomics: The Economics of Popular Music,  April 2005  View PDF
496  Blinder, Alan S. and Alan B. Krueger  What Does the Public Know about Economic Policy, and How Does It Know It?  September 2004  View PDF
484  Krueger, Alan B.  The Economics of Real Superstars: The Market for Rock Concerts in the Material World  April 2004  View PDF
470  Krueger, Alan and Pei Zhu  Another Look at the New York City School Voucher Experiment  November 2002  View PDF
466  Krueger, Alan  Inequality, Too Much of a Good Thing  April 2002  View PDF
461  Krueger, Alan B. and Alexandre Mas  Strikes, Scabs and Tread Separations: Labor Strife and the Production of Defective Bridgestone/Firestone Tires  January 2002  View PDF
455  Angrist, Joshua D. and Alan B. Krueger  Instrumental Variables and the Search for Identification: From Supply and Demand to Natural Experiments  August 2001  View PDF
454  Hines, James R.; Hilary Hoynes and Alan B. Krueger  Another Look at Whether a Rising Tide Lifts All Boats  July 2001  View PDF
451  Krueger, Alan B. and Diane M. Whitmore  Would Smaller Classes Help Close the Black-White Achievement Gap?  March 2001  View PDF
449  Kling, Jeffrey R. and Alan B. Krueger  Cost, Benefits and Distributional Consequences of Inmate Labor  January 2001  View PDF
447  Krueger. Alan B.  Economic Considerations and Class Size  September 2000  View PDF
434  Krueger, Alan B.  The Digital Divide in Educating African-American Students and Workers  March 2000  View PDF
429  Krueger, Alan B. and Mikael Lindahl  Education for Growth: Why and For Whom?  January 2000  View PDF
428  Krueger, Alan B.  Labor Policy and Labor Research Since the 1960s: Two Ships Sailing in Orthogonal Directions?  December 1999  View PDF
427  Krueger, Alan B. and Diane M. Whitmore  The Effect of Attending a Small Class in the Early Grades on College-Test Taking and Middle School Test Results: Evidence from Project STAR  October 1999  View PDF
424  Krueger, Alan  From Bismarck to Maastricht: The March to European Union and the Labor Compact  September 1999  View PDF
416  Katz, Lawrence F. and Alan B. Krueger  The High-pressure U.S. Labor Market of the 1990s  May 1999  View PDF
415  Kling, Jeffrey  Interpreting Instrumental Variables Estimates of the Returns to Schooling  January 1999  View PDF
413  Krueger, Alan B.  Measuring Labor's Share  January 1999  View PDF
411  Krueger, Alan B. and Mikael Lindahl  Education for Growth in Sweden and the World  December 1998  View PDF
409  Dale, Stacy Berg and Alan B. Krueger  Estimating the Payoff to Attending a More Selective College: An Application of Selection on Observables and Unobservables  December 1998  View PDF
403  Krueger, Alan B. and Stephen Wu  Forecasting Successful Economics Graduate Students  September 1998  View PDF
401  Angrist, Joshua D. and Alan B. Krueger  Empirical Strategies in Labor Economics  June 1998  View PDF
395  Krueger, Alan B.  Reassessing the View that American Schools Are Broken  January 1998  View PDF
393  Card, David and Alan B. Krueger  A Reanalysis of the Effect of the New Jersey Minimum Wage Increase on the Fast-Food Industry with Representative Payroll Data  December 1997  View PDF
392  Krueger, Alan B. and Aaron Siskind  Assessing Bias in the Consumer Price Index from Survey Data  December 1997  View PDF
390  Krueger, Alan B. and Jorn-Steffan Pischke  Observations and Conjectures on the U.S. Employment Miracle  August 1997  View PDF
389  Fuchs, Victor; Alan B. Krueger; and James M. Poterba  Why Do Economists Disagree About Policy? The Roles of Beliefs About Parameters and Values  August 1997  View PDF
379  Krueger, Alan B.  Experimental Estimates of Education Production Functions  May 1997  View PDF
377  Autor, David H.; Lawrence F. Katz and Alan B. Krueger  Computing Inequality: Have Computers Changed the Labor Market?  March 1997  View PDF
375  Krueger, Alan B.  Labor Market Shifts and the Price Puzzle Revisited  January 1997  View PDF
370  Krueger, Alan and Helen Levy  Accounting for the Slowdown in Employer Health Care Costs  November 1996  View PDF
367  Krueger, Alan  Do Markets Respond More To More Reliable Labor Market Data? A Test of Market Rationality  September 1996  View PDF
366  Card, David and Alan Krueger  School Resources and Student Outcomes: An Overview of the Literature and New Evidence from North and South Carolina  July 1996  View PDF
362  Krueger, Alan  Observations on International Labor Standards and Trade  April 1996  View PDF
358  Krueger, Alan B and Jorn-Steffen Pischke  A Statistical Analysis of Crime Against Foreigners in Unified Germany  February 1996  View PDF
357  Card, David and Alan B. Krueger  Labor Market Effects of School Quality: Theory and Evidence  January 1996  View PDF
349  Krueger, Alan and Douglas Kruse  Labor Market Effects of Spinal Cord Injuries in the Dawn of the Computer Age  October 1995  View PDF
337  Card, David and Alan B. Krueger  The Effect of the Minimum Wage on Shareholder Wealth  November 1994  View PDF
334  Card, David and Alan Krueger  The Economic Return to School Quality: A Partial Survey  October 1994  View PDF
333  Card, David and Alan Krueger  A Living Wage? The Effects of the Minimum Wage on the Distribution of Wages, the Distribution of Family Earnings, and Poverty  October 1994  View PDF
332  Forslund, Anders and Alan Krueger  An Evaluation of the Swedish Active Labor Market Policy: New and Received Wisdom  July 1994  View PDF
330  Krueger, Alan B.  The Effect of the Minimum Wage When It Really Bites: A Reexamination of the Evidence from Puerto Rico  May 1994  View PDF
329  Krueger, Alan and Cecilia Rouse  New Evidence on Workplace Education  May 1994  View PDF
323  Krueger, Alan  Observations on Employment-Based Government Mandates, With Particular Reference to Health Insurance  January 1994  View PDF
320  Angrist, Joshua and Alan B. Krueger  Split Sample Instrumental Variables  October 1993  View PDF
316  Card, David; Lawrence F. Katz and Alan B. Krueger  Comment on David Neumark and William Wascher, 'Employment Effects of Minimum and Subminimum Wages: Panel Data on State Minimum Wage Laws'  April 1993  View PDF
315  Card, David and Alan B. Krueger  Minimum Wages and Employment: A Case Study of the Fast Food Industry in New Jersey and Pennsylvania  March 1993  View PDF
310  Card, David and Alan Krueger  Trends in Relative Black/White Earnings Revisited  January 1993  View PDF
307  Krueger, Alan B. and Jorn-Steffen Pischke  A Comparative Analysis of East and West German Labor Markets: Before and After Unification  August 1992  View PDF
306  Farber, Henry S. and Alan B. Krueger  Union Membership in the United States: The Decline Continues  August 1992  View PDF
304  Ashenfelter, Orley and Alan Krueger  Estimates of the Economic Return to Schooling from a New Sample of Twins  July 1992  View PDF
301  Boozer, Michael A.; Alan B. Krueger and Shari Wolkon  Race and School Quality Since Brown vs. Board of Education  March 1992  View PDF
298  Katz, Lawrence F. and Alan B. Krueger  The Effect of the Minimum Wage on the Fast Food Industry  February 1992  View PDF
291  Krueger, Alan B.  How Computers Have Changes the Wage Structure: Evidence From Microdata, 1984-89  August 1991  View PDF
290  Angrist, Joshua D. and Alan B. Krueger  Estimating the Payoff to Schooling Using the Vietnam-era Draft Lottery  August 1991  View PDF
282  Katz, Lawrence F. and Alan B. Krueger  Changes in the Structure of Wages in the Public and Private Sectors  March 1991  View PDF
280  Katz, Lawrence F. and Alan B. Krueger  The Effect of the New Minimum Wage Law in a Low-Wage Labor Market  January 1991  View PDF
279  Gruber, Jonathan and Alan B. Krueger  The Incidence of Mandated Employer-Provided Insurance: Lessons from Workers' Compensations Insurance  December 1990  View PDF
274  Angrist, Joshua D. and Alan B. Krueger  The Effect of Age at School Entry on Educational Attainment: An Application of Instrumental Variables with Moments from Two Samples  October 1990  View PDF
273  Angrist, Joshua D. and Alan B. Krueger  Does Compulsory School Attendance Affect Schooling and Earnings?  June 1990  View PDF
272  Card, David and Alan B. Krueger  School Quality and Black/White Relative Earnings: A Direct Assessment  October 1990  View PDF
265  Card, David and Alan B. Krueger  Does School Quality Matter? Returns to Education and the Characteristics of Public Schools in the United States  May 1990  View PDF
261  Krueger, Alan B.  Worker's Compensation Insurance and the Duration of Workplace Injuries  February 1990  View PDF
258  Krueger, Alan B.  The Evolution of Unjust-Dismissal Legislation in the United States  October 1989  View PDF
255  Krueger, Alan and Jorn-Steffen Pischke  The Effect of Social Security on Labor Supply: A Cohort Analysis of the Notch Generation  July 1989  View PDF
254  Angrist, Joshua D. and A. Krueger  Why Do World War II Veterans Earn More Than Nonveterans?  June 5, 1989  View PDF
240  Krueger, Alan B. and J. Bound  The Extent of Measurement Error in Longitudinal Earnings Data  October 1988  View PDF
239  Krueger, Alan B.  Moral Hazard in Workers' Compensation  September 1988  View PDF
238  Krueger, Alan B.  The Employers' Costs of Workers' Compensation Insurance: Magnitudes and Determinants  August 1988  View PDF
230  Holzer, Harry J., Lawrence F. Katz and Alan B. Krueger  Job Queues and Wages: New Evidence on the Minimum Wage and Inter-Industry Wage Structure  April 1988  View PDF
227  Krueger, Alan B.  The Determinants of Queues for Federal Jobs  October 1987  View PDF
226  Krueger, Alan B.  Ownership, Agency and Wages: An Examination of the Fast Food Industry  September 1987  View PDF
225  Krueger, Alan B.  Are Public Sector Workers Paid More Than Their Alternative Wage? Evidence from Longitudinal Data and Job Queues  September 1987  View PDF




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