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567  Eisenberg,Theodore and Henry S. Farber  "Why do Plaintiffs Lose Appeals? Biased Trial Courts, Litigious Losers, or Low Trial Win Rates?"  July 2011  View PDF
566  Greenhalgh, Christine, Mark Rogers and Philipp Schautschick  "Do Firms that Create Intellectual Property also Create and Sustain More Good Jobs? Evidence for UK Firms, 2000-2006"  May 2011  View PDF
565  Krueger, Alan B. and Ilyana Kuziemko  "The Demand for Health Insurance among Uninsured Americans: Results of a Survey Experiment and Implications for Policy"  April 2011  View PDF
564  Henry S. Farber  "Job Loss in the Great Recession: Historial Perspective from the Displaced Workers Survey, 1984-2010"  May 2011  View PDF
563  Dale, Stacy and Alan B. Krueger  "Estimating the Return to College Selectivity over the Career Using Administrative Earning Data"  February 2011  View PDF
562  Krueger, Alan B. and Andreas Mueller  "Job Search and Job Finding in a Period of Mass Unemployment: Evidence from High-Frequency Longitudinal Data"  January 2011  View PDF
561  Goldin, Jacob and Tatiana Homonoff  "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes: Cigarette Tax Salience and Regressivity"  December 2010  View PDF
560  Harmon, Nikolaj A.  "The End of the European Welfare States? Migration, Ethnic Diversity and Public Goods"  December 2010  View PDF
559  Card, David; Alex Mas, Enrico Moretti, and Emmanuel Saez  "Inequality at Work: The Effect of Peer Salaries on Job Satisfaction"  September 2010  View PDF
558  Lawson, Nicholas  "Is Collective Bargaining Pareto Efficient? A Survey of the Literature"  June, 2011  View PDF
557  Martorell, Paco and Damon Clark  "The Signaling Value of a High School Diploma"  August 2010  View PDF
556  Gonzalez-Navarro, Marco and Climent Quintana-Domeque  "Street Pavement: Results from an Infrastructure Experiment in Mexico"  July 2010  View PDF
555  DiNardo, John and David S. Lee  "Program Evaluation and Research Designs"  April 2010  View PDF
554  Ashenfelter, Orley C.; Henry Farber and Michael R. Ransom  "Modern Models of Monopsony in Labor Markets: A Brief Survey"  April 2010  View PDF
553  Card, David; David S. Lee and Zhuan Pei  "Quasi-Experimental Identification and Estimation in the Regression Kink Design"  November 2009  View PDF
552  Farber, Henry S.  "Rational Choice and Voter Turnout: Evidence from Union Representation Elections"  October 2009  View PDF
551  Ashenfelter, Orley; Kirk Doran and Bruce Schaller  "A Shred of Credible Evidence on the Long Run Elasticity of Labor Supply"  September 2009  View PDF
550  Lee, David S. and Justin McCrary  "The Deterrence Effect of Prison: Dynamic Theory and Evidence"  August 2009  View PDF
549  Kleiner, Morris M. and Alan B. Krueger  "Analyzing the Extent and Influence of Occupational Licensing on the Labor Market"  May 2009  View PDF
548  Lee, David S. and Thomas Lemieux  "Regression Discontinuity Designs in Economics"  February 2009  View PDF
547  Lee, David S. and Alexandre Mas  "Long-Run Impacts of Unions on Firms: New Evidence from Financial Markets, 1961-1999"  January 2009  View PDF
546  Farber, Henry  "Increasing Voter Turnout: Is Democracy Day the Answer?"  February 2009  View PDF
545  Staiger, Douglas; Joanne Spetz, Ciaran Phibbs  "Is There Monopsony in the Labor Markets? Evidence From A Natural Experiment"  December 2008  View PDF
544  Naidu, Suresh  "Recruitment Restrictions and Labor Markets: Evidence from the Post-Bellum U. S. South"  December 2008  View PDF
543  Fox, Jeremy  "Estimating the Employer Switching Costs and Wage Responses of Forward-Looking Engineers"  December 2008  View PDF
542  Shelkova, Natalya Y.  “Low-Wage Labor Markets and the Power of Suggestion”  December 2008  View PDF
541  Hirsch, Boris, T. Schank and C. Schnabel  "Gender Differences in Labor Supply to Monopsonistic Firms: An Empirical Analysis Using Linked Employer-Employee Data from Germany”  December 2008  View PDF
540  Ransom, Michael R. and Ronald L. Oaxaca  "New Market Power Models and Sex Differences in Pay"  December 2008  View PDF
539  Manning, Alan  "The Plant Size-Place Effect: Agglomeration and Monopsony in Labour Markets"  December 2008  View PDF
538  Ransom, Michael R. and David P. Sims  "Estimating the Firm's Labor Supply Curve in a "New Monopsony" Framework: School Teachers in Missouri"  December 2008  View PDF
537  Heaton, Paul and Beth Asch  "Monopsony and Labor Supply in the Army and Navy"  December  View PDF
536  Falch, Torberg  "Estimating the elasticity of labor supply utilizing a quasi-natural experiment"  December 2008  View PDF
535  Lee, David S. and Emmanuel Saez  "Optimal Minimum Wage Policy in Competitive Labor Markets"  October 2008  View PDF
534  Hall, Robert E. and Alan B. Krueger  "Wage Formation between Newly Hired Workers and Employers: Survey Evidence"  October 2008  View PDF
533  Krueger, Alan B.  "What Makes a Homegrown Terrorist? Human Capital and Participation in Domestic Islamic Terrorist Groups in the U.S.A."  September 2008  View PDF
532  Krueger, Alan B. and Andreas Mueller  "Job Search and Unemployment Insurance: New Evidence from Time Use Data"  August 2008  View PDF
531  Kleiner, Morris M. and Alan B. Krueger  "The Prevalence and Effects of Occupational Licensing"  August 2008  View PDF
530  Farber, Henry S.  "Employment Insecurity: The Decline in Worker-Firm Attachment in the United States"  July 2008  View PDF
529  Card, David; Alexandre Mas and Jesse Rothstein  "Are Mixed Neighborhoods Always Unstable? Two-Sided and One-Sided Tipping"  July 2008  View PDF
528  Wilde, Elizabeth Ty  "The Effects of Female Sports Participation on "Alcohol Behavior"  May 2008  View PDF

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